The Project by ITU Scientists will Shed Light on the Trace of Life on Mars

The project carried out by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and scientists from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) to determine the microbial ecology of Lake Salda will trace life on Mars.

News: İTÜ Media and Communication Office

Last year, after NASA’s post about the similarity of Lake Salda to the Jezero crater on Mars, research projects on the similarity of the lake to Mars were started in June last year. The “Research and Development Project for Determining the Microbial Ecology of Lake Salda with Advanced Molecular Methods (Metabarcoding) and Mapping its Geomicrobiological Characteristics”, initiated by the cooperation between the General Directorate for Protection of Natural Assets and ITU Faculty of Mines Department of Geological Engineering and Faculty of Civil Engineering Department of Environmental Engineering, has been completed.

Studies on geomicrobiology, geochemistry, stromatolite formation in Lake Salda and the determination of the biotrace potential that will carry the traces of life on Mars were completed under the supervision of ITU Faculty of Mines Geological Engineering Department Head of Geomicrobiology Prof. Dr. Nurgül Balcı whereas studies on the determination of its Microbial Ecology with Advanced Molecular Methods were completed under the supervision of the Head of ITU-BOUN Microbial Ecology Group Prof. Dr. Orhan İnce.

With the project completed by ITU academics, data that will allow the detailing and patenting of Lake Salda species with advanced molecular methods for the first time were produced.

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